About the Artist


“Through the use of shape, form, light and shadow, my art explores what it is to truly see something. Without light, there is no form, and without shadow, there is no texture.

I have found that what we see as our reality, is in fact only a fraction of the whole, that we can only see in part. By using distorted images I create environments that cause one to search continually for more meaning in an ever-changing landscape and reevaluate their perceptions and the way they view things.

To truly see something causes understanding, and understanding causes transformation.”


Aaron Novak, (b. 1982, Fort Madison, IA)


Currently: Master of Fine Arts Candidate, HBU, Houston, TX
2018 BFA in Cinematic Arts, HBU, Houston, TX


2019 Get Ready, Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX
2019 Rising Eyes of Texas, Juror Hollis Hammonds, Rockport Center for the Arts, Rockport, TX

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